Man Food

July 16, 2007

Man want steak. Man want meat now. Man want spinach quiche….what?

While you might think of the stereotypical Neanderthal male in terms of a club and his latest kill, why is it that certain foods are associated with certain genders? Steak and potatoes is an honorable meal for the typical hungry man coming home to his cave after a day of slaying wild beasts. Yet after a couple of years of steak and potatoes every day, that typical hungry man would most likely look more like the wild buffalo that he is seeking to hunt than a lean, mean, bring-home-the-bacon machine. Let’s be honest: sometimes MANFOOD is not exactly the healthiest, nor is it what we men want all the time.

I am a little interested in nutrition (ok so maybe I would take study breaks in college so that I could research nutrition on my own…I admit it). From what I have learned, in order to live long enough to continue leaving the cave each day to slay the wild beasts, Man need eat salad. Man need eat rutabaga. Man need no eat partially hydrogenated oils. You see, nutrition has nothing to do with our personality or likes or dislikes. It has everything to do with the way our bodies work. And in order to continue for Man to have fluid joints, strong bones, and the mental capacity to properly function, a balanced diet has to be the norm.

This not to say that some good old fashioned T-Bone and a baked potato is to be avoided. I can’t believe that God would make such wonderful things as fajitas and BBQ if we were not meant to enjoy them. Its more the lifestyle of moderation and learning to enjoy the things which are truly beneficial and healthy. I am the poster child for this. I grew up with a funnel in my mouth at dinner time, with my mom cramming as many vegetables down the tube as possible. Needless to say, I didn’t like them at first. However, after learning how I would actually enjoy life more if my body was getting the nutrients it needed, I learned to really like eating healthy (sometimes I really crave roasted vegetables, when they caramelize and you throw a head of garlic in there. Man thats good).

So eat spinach salad man, it is packed with phytonutrients and will keep your bowel functions regular 🙂


One Response to “Man Food”

  1. stonehead Says:

    This mean eat big pile of Joe’s Special. Meat and spinach. Together. Satisfying and regular!

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