Make your own Ginger Ale

July 11, 2007

This is really awesome. This guy gives detailed instructions on how to make your own ginger ale, using backyard fruit, water, sugar and dried ginger. The idea is similar to making sourdough bread from scratch, something that I have *tried* a couple of times in the past. Most of the time my roommates would just throw out the starter after they smelled it and saw a bubbling mass of goop in the fridge. But this, this is awesome.

I don’t have any fruit in my backyard right now, but I bet organic grapes or something at the supermarket would work fine. It sounds like something that would take a while to try, but if it worked it would probably be worth it. If anybody tries this, let me know how it turns out. I may try it myself if I find the time.


One Response to “Make your own Ginger Ale”

  1. wildschwein Says:

    Hi, thanks for linking our post via your own blog. It is good to see the ginger beer entry has generated interested so fast!

    Just a little note – we suggest using fruit from your own backyard mainly because you’ll know if it has been sprayed, excessively cleaned, etc., but there are probably other ways of getting hold of untreated fruit. Perhaps from a neighbour, a family member or a friend who has a lemon or orange tree in their backyard? Fresh, unsprayed grapes are also perfect for the job. And, as we’ve said, organic raisins or sultanas are ideal.

    Your interest in sourdough has inspired us – we might write an entry on that soon.


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