Eating at work

July 11, 2007

Each day I am presented with a quandary – what do I eat for lunch at work? The frugal miser in me says, “Eat soup and vegetables. They are cheap. You aren’t a big shot, so save some money.” Good point miser, it is good to save. Excellent, Excellent. Yet, the culinary Christopher Columbus in me says, “Break out of the monotony. Go eat curry at the Thai place. Eat sushi. Go beg for food on the side of the road. Viva la lunchbreak!” My Columbus, what zest for life you have. How inspiring.

Actually, it usually boils down to whether or not I remember to bring my lunch every morning. I am kind of a Forgetful Jones (throwback to all of you Sesame Street watchers of the past). This morning I was on my way out the door, and barely remembered. So today, it was soup, vegetables and the lovely leftover crusts of the volcanic Sundried Tomato bread. And I must say, it was lovely.


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